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HTA:  From Theory to Evidence to Policy Workshop


This course is designed for participants with little to moderate knowledge of the Health

Technology Assessment (HTA) process who want to learn more about the components and

conduct of high quality HTAs.  Particular attention will be paid to the role of evidence and

economic evaluation within the HTA framework.  The course is suitable for a wide range of

participants from academic, public or private sectors.  Participants will be involved in a 3-day

practical hands-on workshop teaching HTA methodology.

Workshop Objectives:

By the end of the workshop participants will:


  • understand the concepts, methods and critical issues in the design and conduct of HTA

  • understand the different components of HTA and how to address them

  • understand the critical role of evidence and economic evaluation methods in the HTA process

  • be familiarized with introduction and advanced methods of economic evaluation through practical hands-on computer-based exercises

  • appreciate different perspectives on HTA to complete the theory to evidence to policy loop

The workshop will present the theoretical and practical elements of HTA through a series of interactive lectures and computer-based exercises. Participants will learn how to compose a well-defined research question and to gather evidence to that end through internet-based literature searches.  Subsequent synthesis of identified evidence will also be taught.  Particular emphasis will be placed on economic evaluation as a component of HTA.  Decision-trees and Markov models will be contrasted using real-world examples.  Hands-on, Excel™-based exercises will guide participants through the “how-to” of trial and modelling-based economic evaluations.  


Hands-on computer-based exercises will be carried out over the course of the workshop.  Several tutors will be on hand to ensure a ratio of approximately 1 tutor for every 5 participants. 

The HTA workshop has been postponed.

Rescheduled date TBC.

For more information contact

Sheri Burns:

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